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    Project Mind

    Who Are the Candidates for Accelerated Thought?

    Project Mind is to be the pilot project and model for a new vision-driven, breakthrough science aimed at revealing the blessings inherent in existence. Accelerated Thought will be the chief method of this new science. We seek candidates having the will and courage to join us and help transform the world through the creative effort of Accelerated Thought.

    Project Mind recognizes the fundamental importance and dignity of individuality. To generate the ultimate expression of individuality is to release the incredible creative potential hidden within us. Accelerated Thought, as a function of consciousness, will penetrate the deepest knowledge of material reality and lead to universal breakthroughs.

    Provisions will be made for the care and lodging of participants and for remuneration to help compensate for family and other responsibilities while the candidate is with us. Isolation is a necessary condition to prevent outside influence on the candidate's efforts to generate the total concentration needed to induce the higher creative state of Accelerated Thought.

    Accelerated Thought

    Accelerated Thought is a high-energy mental process whereby ideas (consisting of problems and solutions) arrive, second by second, in rapid-fire sequence rather than once a week, once a year or once in a lifetime as is typical with Eureka experiences. Project Mind is based on the premise that it is possible to arrange conditions favoring the occurrence of Eureka experiences as precursors to Accelerated Thought. This induction process and Accelerated thought itself can be maintained, contained, and harnessed to the benefit of mankind. This higher creative state has long been the fondest dream of many professionals in the creativity field.

    Although the Eureka experience is not exactly Accelerated Thought, it is very closely related, and its habitual exercise is the trademark of creative genius. Just as a prepared mind can produce a Eureka experience, a series of Eureka experiences can induce a chain reaction which can develop into Accelerated Thought.

    The intensity of this experience is accompanied by an increase in vitality. There is an accumulation of awareness for real possibilities that lifts the individual as a whole to a more integrated and conscious level of functioning than before.

    Just as brief Eureka experiences provide moments of brilliant insight - the sparks of genius and inspiration that have fueled the sudden advances in scientific progress until now - Accelerated Thought will provide a more intense and sustained form of creative vision. This will produce new knowledge to fuel the breakthrough science of the future and render it holistic and comprehensive.


    The act of concentration, in its many forms, is an effort of attention with which men have been struggling from the dawn of time. It is an attempt to bring more and better quality energy to the point of observation in order to sustain attention and, thereby, prolong our participation in the present and experience more of reality. The duration and quality of attention necessary to actually perceive the enormous number of attributes inherent in any substance or phenomenon and integrate that data in our mind in order to extrapolate beyond direct perception requires a sustained level of effort.

    Thus the chief limiting factor concerns our ability to learn about the phenomenon that interests us. That boils down to the effort of observation and the motivation needed to fuel it. The fuel of observation is the desire that creates a link of attention between ourselves and the phenomenon studied. The quality of that link depends on its strength and derives from the strength of the intention that sustains it. Thus it is our "will" that determines how deeply we are able to penetrate the obscurity that hides the knowledge of matter from us.

    In the absence of this ultimate effort of observation and the higher perspective it provides, we only see tiny parts of the whole that we stumble upon. To compensate for this we develop extensions for our senses such as microscopes and telescopes, and devices such as computers.

    These supports divert us away from considering the kinds of efforts which we have the ability to generate and the discoveries to which they would lead. This ability (Accelerated Thought) can be far more penetrating and revealing than any microscope, telescope or particle accelerator.


    We seek candidates already predisposed towards Accelerated Thought - those who during their lifetimes have had fairly frequent Eureka experiences. Their main advantage is the will to follow intuitions and stick to them. These individuals whose courage and integrity show a proclivity towards independent, original thought will be the first to make use of the unique supportive environment that Project Mind will offer.


      1. Competence
      Early candidates for Project Mind will have gained considerable mastery over their chosen field of endeavor, which they will be able to penetrate with Accelerated Thought.

      2. Motivation
      The principle criterion for participation in Project Mind is a desire to enter a state of Accelerated Thought in the pursuit of objective knowledge in their chosen field.

      3. Independence of Spirit and Strength of Character
      Their desire to innovate must be strong and the earmarks of such individualists are quite unmistakable. We will recognize their potential to humanity and support them.

      4. Matter-Related Aspiration
      The candidate's attitudes and aspirations towards physical matter will be of cardinal importance in screening for participation.

      If you know you are on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can turn you off... no matter what they say. I know my corn plants intimately, and I find it a great pleasure to know them. I never thought of stopping, and I just hated sleeping. I can't imagine having a better life.
      Barbara McClintock