This is an appeal to celebrities and those who are personally acquainted with or otherwise have access to celebrities. Please read the letter below.

Never before has a project offered as much potential for helping humanity or offered a celebrity as powerful a lever for exercising his/her influence for the good of all.

Philanthropic causes are often associated with celebrities who champion them. Such advocacy can benefit a cause in many ways but simply drawing attention to the cause is the prime benefit in a world where countless causes, issues and products constantly compete for our attention.

This function is all the more critical for Project Mind since growing global crises underscore the critical need for this Project.

Concerning the suitability of the celebrity in question, please contact

Thank you for considering this vital cause.

To facilitate your initial presentation of Project Mind to a celebrity, we propose the letter draft, below:

Dear ______,

I am writing specially to you as I believe that you possess the rare qualities of heart and mind that will enable you to appreciate the vital proposal of Project Mind.

Project Mind intends to generate, within a period of three years, the rapid propagation of the critical scientific and medical breakthroughs the world needs. PM has a detailed plan with an impressive theoretical base. Details can be found at their website:

I am asking you to consider championing or at least helping this ambitious project. The plan is to dramatically enhance creativity and its derivative breakthroughs in scientific and medical research. Creative vision is man's most potent capability. Creativity, fully expressed, what PM refers to as "Accelerated Thought," goes far beyond most contemporary notions of creativity and will enable science, now functioning at a mere fraction of its potential, to approach its full potential.

Examples pointing to higher, more holistic levels of creativity can be found in the literature describing the integral and stunningly innovative breakthroughs of scientists such as Tesla and Barbara McClintock.

Even the most wealthy and healthy of us lack the longevity and security that we would wish for ourselves and for our loved ones. Serious illness harshly reminds us that money is impotent without knowledge.

The key to revealing the breakthrough knowledge that could radically transform our lives for the better is precisely the higher creativity that Project Mind is designed to harness.

Sadly, the level of creativity that is the norm today makes science a bureaucratic and financial black hole. Countless billions have been thrown into cancer research and yet who doesn't dread the day it will strike close to home?

No investment could offer more to the world than Project Mind.

Thank you for your attentiveness.