1. Finding the people and scientists who have devoted themselves, probably from childhood, to the proposition of material world transformation.

  2. Providing them with conditions of existence that recognize the significance of their mission and their commitment and that are also supportive of their unique needs.

  3. Empowering them to engage in an effort of creative intensity (Accelerated Thought) that is unprecedented in scientific history by providing them with the unique support systems required for their minds to enter entirely into the service of holistic, scientific vision.

  4. Sending the inevitable breakthroughs they will reveal into the world of science and industry.

  5. Allowing the result of this new level of creative effort to serve as an example to inspire similar efforts among the best minds in science and, in general, facilitating the proliferation of Project Mind conditions in scientific institutions worldwide, enabling science to become holistic and world transforming.

  6. Accelerating scientific breakthroughs through scientific vision will eliminate the spiritual, psychological and social polluting aspects of technology and fulfill the promise of blessings and abundance that science originally extended but has failed to deliver.

* * *

Materialism is the unconscious conviction
that existence is substantially physical.
Just as the restriction of mind by matter occludes mind,
the restriction of matter by mind reveals mind.